After Care Tips After Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are so popular as a form of expression that 45 million Americans have some kind of tattoo on their bodies. However, one study revealed that 23% of those who wear tattoos regret their decision …

Tattoos are so popular as a form of expression that 45 million Americans have some kind of tattoo on their bodies. However, one study revealed that 23% of those who wore tattoos regretted their decision. For whatever reason, you don’t have to live in regret for the rest of your life. You can carry on from the past by considering tattoo removal in Michigan.

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure that requires minimal or no downtime. This means that you can resume your normal activities after the procedure. Although the risk is minimal, it is important to have knowledge about proper tattoo removal after treatment. Here are some helpful tips on how to make laser tattoo removal faster and more effective.

Shower after laser tattoo removal

After you remove the bandage, you can shower and wash the treatment area. Make sure you are not using high pressure water. Do not soak the area until it is completely healed. Avoid baths, hot tubs, and swimming pools as they can increase the chance of infection.

Keep your immune system strong

The stronger your immune system is, the faster your recovery will be. A healthy immune system will help keep your body repairing wounds and fighting infection. To achieve faster results, you can also do the following:

Drink lots of water. Keeping your body hydrated will help keep your immune system strong. Hydration helps flush out toxins and restore blood cells, which helps prevent infection.

Reducing alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol can cause dehydration which can slow down the healing process. As much as possible, avoid alcohol completely.

Do not smoke. Smoking causes the immune system to work harder at removing pollutants. This will also slow down the healing process. Non-smokers achieve better results and will usually require less maintenance.
Practice. With exercise, you increase blood flow which can facilitate the breakdown of ink particles. You should take several days off from exercising after the procedure. After the scab ends, exercising can speed up the lifting process.

What You Should Avoid

For a faster and more effective laser tattoo removal, you should avoid the following:

Overexposure to the sun

After laser tattoo removal, you need to keep the treated area away from the sun. If you get sunburned, you should postpone subsequent treatments until your skin returns to its normal color. Delaying treatment will lengthen the process and it may take longer to see permanent results.

Also, you should avoid using tanning products as they will also slow down the recovery process. Keep your skin covered with sunscreen and clothing or bandages if you are considering prolonged sun exposure.

Pick the scab or pop the blister

Blisters and scabs are a natural side effect of the healing process. You can easily be tempted to pop and pick a skin but you should avoid this at all costs. Opening the wound increases the risk of infection and will also prolong your recovery.

As long as you have scabs or blisters on your skin, avoid shaving the treated area. Using a razor can cause the wound to open accidentally.

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