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Chinese tattoos are fast becoming the cult of the world. People are proud to wear Chinese text on their skin. Symbols for ‘love’, ‘dragon’ and ‘hope’ are particularly popular. Asian words are mysterious, cute and “in” by today’s standard. However, most Chinese tattoos are just fonts. The problem with Chinese fonts is that they lack style and spontaneity. It looks robotic like the printed material. To get the best Chinese tattoos, try Chinese calligraphy tattoos.

Chinese calligraphy, writing styles and tattoo ideas

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art dating back 3,000 years. It is aesthetic writing expressed through variations of brushstrokes and techniques. The writing consists of graceful Chinese characters (words) rendered in masterful styles. The composition shows textual beauty, latitude and sensuality. Celebrity David Beckham has a cursive calligraphy tattoo. This write-up is an amazing picture. The media praised Beckham for the engraving, calling it “timeless, elegant and clever”. Calligraphy tattoos can speak volumes about you. They can be the symbolic representations of emotion, uniqueness and true self. Some people have described these tattoos as having “spiritual meanings”, “mysterious”, “beautiful” and “intriguing”. Calligraphy tattooing falls into five major styles (or script). Each writing style is distinct and has its own characteristics. Carefully select the style that suits your personality.

1. Writing seal script, calligraphy tattoos

The seal script tattoo is marked by curves, shapes and turns. It exhibits perfect symmetry, variation and delicacy. A clear example is the ancient symbols carved into oracle bones (tortoise shells or animal bones). Seal script shares look similar to icons or icons. People are fascinated by Seal style tattoos for their cute shapes. Tattoo enthusiasts love this writing style. These Chinese symbols convey a sense of harmony between heaven and earth, just like mythology. Often, their enigmatic drawing-like appearance makes them a top tattoo design.

2. Clerical Script Style, Calligraphy Tattoos

The clerical script tattoo is easy to read. It has two characteristics. First, in most Chinese characters, the horizontal stroke begins with the improved delicate tip, known as the “silkworm head”. Second, the horizontal run would extend to the right in a noble wavy end known as the “wild goose tail”. Tattoo lovers admire writing in the clerical style for its elegance. The characters, their graceful “heads” and “tails” are breathtaking. People choose clerical text tattoos for their splendor and nobility.

3. Cursive writing, calligraphy tattoos

Of the five styles of calligraphy, the cursive script (grass style) tattoo is the least identifiable. Since the text is made with modulated tempo, the Chinese words may not be completely legible. Often they are linked together (brush strokes that don’t break). This gives a nice and abstract look, creating the impression of continuum. Despite the abstract look, cursive tattoos are still popular. The symbols exude speed, energy and determination. They are best suited to people who are free spirits and independent thinkers. If you’re full of fancy and not bound by convention, try the cursive tattoo.

4. Running style, calligraphy tattoo

The running script tattoo is beautiful and easy to read. It has the modulated tempo of the cursive script, but is relatively legible. Often these Chinese symbols are delicately blended together. This gives the writing a classic look. Tattoo lovers marvel at the enduring beauty of the Running script. Calligraphy words have tender flows and smooth turns. It looks captivating. Many people choose Running style tattoos for a sophisticated look. This calligraphy style combines unparalleled beauty, class and sensuality. Running style tattoo is the moderate form of cursive tattoo.

5. Regular Chinese writing, calligraphy tattoos

Regular script is the standard form of writing. It is the most popular style of Chinese calligraphy. Most Chinese symbol tattoos are based on the Regular script. This written tattoo is characterized by dots, breaks, hooks and ticks. It is easier to read and write than other calligraphy styles. Chinese characters are evenly spaced and sized. They have a balanced, square-like appearance. Regular writing tattoos have clear lines. They seem fair and direct. There are few decorative lines such as curves, shapes or turns.

The best calligraphy tattoo designs

If you decide to get a calligraphy tattoo, you should get one from a calligrapher, not a tattoo artist. You know why? Calligraphers have extensive training in aesthetic writing. They are experts in handwriting styles. On the other hand, tattoo artists are skilled in body ink, not calligraphy. The best calligraphy tattoo designs are those created by Chinese calligraphers. Once you get the design, take it to the tattoo parlor for body decoration. Consult a tattoo artist regarding the details of your inking.

Ngan Siu Mui is an expert calligrapher in Canada. He has 30 years of experience in Chinese calligraphy. She creates beautiful calligraphy designs for tattoo lovers around the world. Visit her at Asian Cursive Tattoo, Chinese Quotes. Her artwork was selected to be displayed in the Hollywood film “The Red Violin”. Her Chinese symbols were carved into the stone forest in China. Engraved stones serve as cultural monuments. At the Ngan Siu Mui Art School in Montreal, the artist teaches art to the public. Participants enjoy the quiet and friendly environment. Painting workshops offer great learning, fun and interaction. It has followers from different cultural backgrounds. They all share the same passion for Chinese arts as Ngan.

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