Most popular tattoo designs for women – wrist, upper back and side designs for girls

Most people have begun to notice that in recent years the whole world has changed. One segment that has really seen phenomenal growth in the tattoo and tattoo design arena has been that of tattoo designs for women. Back in the day, very few women got tattoos, and those who did often got small designs that were covered up. However, thankfully that is no longer the case and more women are getting tattoos these days than ever before. The best part of this growth is that it has led to many more women entering the tattoo business and there are more female tattoo artists than ever before. Thus, it led to more models produced for women. In the past, the market was such a small segment that flash artists often didn’t develop much flash or many tattoo designs aimed specifically at women. Nowadays, even though it is such a large sector of the tattoo world, there are more and more tattoo designs for women being developed all the time. Now women are starting to push the envelope and are starting to create their own new trends and hot ideas in tattoo design.

Here are some of the most popular locations and models for women.

Female wrist tattoos

Female wrist tattoos have been a very popular trend recently. There are lots of different designs that can work well for your wrist. There are full tattoo designs that are often done as floral tattoos. Also, single word wrist tattoos are very popular for women these days.

Upper back female tattoos

One of the latest and fastest growing trends in tattoo designs for women are upper back tattoos. Throughout the 90s, the lower back tattoo was all the rage. However, this tattoo was a bit over the top and now women are looking for other locations to get their tattoos done. One of the most popular options these days is upper back and even full back tattoo designs. Some women still get lower back tattoos, but instead of small backs, they get large designs that start on the lower back and go halfway up and create a whole scene with something like fairies or angels in the woods for example .

Side tattoos for women

Another trend that many women are getting into is side tattoos. They often start low on the hips and then move up the sides and up the ribcage. This allows for a fairly large area and can accommodate a large tattoo design. The benefits of larger tattoos are that they can be more intricate and detailed than a small one. Literary words and tattoos are one of the most popular design options for this location on the body. Koi fish and dragons are also gaining in popularity for side tattoos. Of course, floral and flower tattoo designs can work very well on the side as well and make for a particularly stunning tattoo.

No matter what area you choose to get an ink tattoo on your body, you now know that there are so many options. Hopefully the ideas and locations provided in this article will give you some good places to start and some basic ideas to run with. Be sure to take your time and find designs that you like to use as a resource when creating your own unique tattoo.

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