Discover a collection of classic Scarface tattoos that will pique your interest in anti-heroes. Take a look around, and the world is yours.

How much of “The World Is Yours” will you accept?

Tony Montana from Scarface, a global cultural icon and Al Pacino’s most prominent role of all time, was inspired by an airship billboard that stated, “The World is Yours.” It was an inspiration for Montana, yet other people interpret this word differently.

One could aspire to be the next big thing or be known around the world. Others have made it to the end. The world has more to offer in this race, and it’s up to us to take it and turn it into something helpful. Tattoos, tattoo ideas, and tattoo designs have been used to decorate oneself for centuries. Some people use them to express themselves or imprint their dreams as a reminder to themselves. Tony Montana, for example, was inspired by an aircraft, and the entrance of his opulent mansion had a statue that read “The World is Yours.”

It says that remembering what motivates you can go a long way in keeping you motivated. Some people get The World Is Yours tattoos to be inspired, while others call them to pay homage to one of history’s most famous anti-heroic characters. The only person who understands what “The World is Yours” means to them is the individual who has the tattoo.

If you’re looking for inspiration, want to remember a specific event in your life, or want to pay tribute to your favorite Scarface characters. This collection of tattoos will undoubtedly appeal to that part of you that wants to conquer the world and make it your own. Continue reading about some of the most popular Tony Montana tattoo designs and tattoo ideas.

Statue Tattoo: The World Is Yours

Because we’re talking about Tony Montana, the famed anti-hero, we’ll start with Scarface’s famous The World Is Yours globe tattoo. Since the film’s debut, a statue with the words “The World is Yours” has become a popular presence when it comes to such tattoo ideas.

Every crease and detail of The World is Yours statue has been elegantly and accurately represented in the artwork done on one’s forearm by the artist. The tattoo’s black and white tone, combined with the Fineline technique, creates a sleek and tidy appearance. Ideal for individuals seeking a Tony Montana or Scarface-inspired The World Is your tattoo.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo titled “The World Is Yours.”

People that appreciate bold aesthetics like neo-traditional tattoo designs. Strong lines, pictorial looks, and radically bold colors are common in neo-traditional aesthetics—tattoo artwork in a lovely style.

The designer employs vibrant colors like red, black, and a magenta hue to emphasize the girl’s features in this tattoo design. Elvira Hancock from Scarface looks a lot like this chick. Elvira Hancock, like Tony Montana, became one of the most well-known film characters of all time. Every straight and curved line and the shiny and vivid work demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship. This form of art is ideal for those who enjoy bright, colorful tattoos. If one considers the tattoo’s dynamic appearance, it might also be stated that comic books inspire it.

Tony Montana is an actor who has appeared in several films Tattoo titled “The World Is Yours.”

Montana was a force of nature till he died. Tony forges a corrupt, wealthy, and violent career for himself, becoming an anti-hero for his generation, straddling the line between savior and sinner for anyone who dares to cross his path. Many people are impressed by his charisma and find his anti-heroic inclinations interesting enough to be tattooed. However, simply inking the renowned sentence on the body is insufficient. A little portrait of Montana clutching a gun is added to the tattoo design.

This artwork has a vintage vibe and is another neo-traditional painting. This style appeals to men since it exudes a cool and enjoyable vibe. Aside from Montana, the tattoo design also includes roses, which may hint at a soft aspect of Montana while being protected by thorns.

With The World Is Yours Tattoo, Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

A portrait of a teenage Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface, the ultimately redeemed and a worldwide cultural figure, is featured on this little The World is your tattoo. Not only because of the delightful nature of the character but also because Al Pacino performed it. Pacino’s popularity skyrocketed due to the film, and tattoo styles were influenced by it.

In this tattoo, the artist produced a movie reel motif with a reddish tone. Such brilliant ideas are uncommon, and visiting a tattoo shop necessitates hours of research and searching on the internet. With a sketch of a miniature airship, Montana sees the famous remark for the first time in the tattoo design, which is also a reference to Scarface. Overall, the tattoo is one-of-a-kind and appeals to fans of Scarface and Pacino.

And The World Is Yours Tattoo is based on a portrait of Tony Montana.

This tattoo design, which features the worldwide cultural emblem, is basic yet colorful and vibrant. Montana’s face is framed in bright yellow and reddish colors, giving the tattoo an emotional appeal. The close-up shot of Montana catches everyone’s eye, and a Scarface tattoo isn’t complete without the globe and the iconic slogan “The World is Yours.” It’s ideal for fans of the Scarface anti-hero who want a tattoo dedicated only to him.

And The World Is Yours Tattoo with the “TM”

While most tattoo designs and concepts concentrate on Montana and his life-like pictures, this piece focuses on the famous quotation and is one of the most simplistic styles. It’s adorable and perfect for one’s forearm, arm, or even wrist if sized down. Tattoo fans that appreciate minimal and simple tattoo designs are drawn to these types. The “TM” tattooed next to the iconic sentence is a clear nod to Montana and Scarface, and it serves as a fitting tribute to the anti-hero. This tattoo’s popularity stems from its ability to incorporate Scarface motifs while remaining modest and basic.

The World Is Yours Tattoo by Elvira Hancock

This tattoo is adorable. Elvira Hancock, another legendary character from Scarface, is included in the piece, done in a Fineline manner. Every internal and exterior line utilized to make the tattoo design has been precisely carved, giving it a simple and beautiful style that will appeal to a wide range of tattoo enthusiasts. The quotation appears beneath Hancock’s silhouette in a thin and basic font. This is the one to get if you appreciate minimalistic forearm tattoos.

And The World Is Yours Tattoo by Montana in Miami City

These blackwork tattoos are quite popular among males and make excellent tattoo designs. When it comes to tattoos inspired by movies, you’ll need to look through various websites and devote some time to finding such designs. With the same designs, fandom tattoo ideas can get a little boring, so they’re best for folks who can’t afford to waste time deciding on the perfect tattoo. You shouldn’t be concerned. Here, we’ve taken care of you.

Montana, his universe, Miami City, and the airship with the phrase are featured in this blackwork tattoo. He has complete control over his environment and seizes all of its benefits. If that wasn’t motivational enough, the statement “The World Is Yours” is inscribed on the airship. The quote, among other things, is highlighted by the tattoo’s basic elements. It is suitable for the arm, forearm, and even legs.

Tattoo titled “The World Is Yours.”

As the name implies, it’s a basic tattoo inspired by the famous quotation. The calligraphy is aggressive, but it’s also clean and simple. It doesn’t have any Scarface characters or references, but the remark is timeless in its meaning. These comments motivated Montana and meant a lot to him, and he took the best of the world and created his universe. Similarly, various people will interpret this quotation differently, and tattoos have long been a popular way to engrave a reminder on one’s body, something to look at and be motivated by. Simple tattoo designs for the back or chest are great.

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