Tiger tattoos and tattoo designs

Tiger tattoos and tattoo designs are always popular and have been there for centuries. They find more meaning in Celtic and tribal culture tattoosIf you want to get a tiger tattoo on your body, you have made a good decision, but before getting the art on your body, you need to understand its meaning.

Tigers find great importance in Asian culture and are a powerful symbol throughout the continent. The animal has long been a fixture in indigenous tattoo art from countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Japan and the like. The animal is associated with passion, ferocity, strength, comfort, sensuality, speed, beauty, vigor, anger and also cruelty. They believed that the appearance of the Tiger in your dream means some kind of new passion or awakening of power within you.

In Asian countries, the tiger has always been a favorite animal for tattoos and tattoo designs. Slowly, the animal found meaning in other tattoo culture as well, and the West in particular embraced it in a wonderful form of tattoo art. Thanks to the indigenous designs and ideas of tattoo artists that create variety and flexibility of tiger tattoos. Please feel free to browse the large selection of tattoo designs from the links at the bottom of this page. Being a tattoo artist, I can understand the need of individuals and the uniqueness that everyone wants from tattoo art. You would love my unique work on tiger tattoos and how I designed and paired the animal with other designs to make it more unique and perfect.

My gallery features tiger tattoos and tattoo designs that are combined with other design elements to make them more meaningful. Since the tiger is associated with strength, power, kingly power, spectacular nature and other such characteristics, it becomes really important to add more meaning and symbolism to it to describe your personality or individuality. There are elements that are used with tiger tattoos to enhance its meaning such as roses, daisies, lilies, hibiscus, vines, skulls, hearts, fairies, crosses, suns, moon, stars and to name a few.

My site also features tigers in different styles and schools in a variety of colors such as red, orange, green, yellow, blue, purple, purple, gray as well as black and white. Such a variety and a large selection of tattoos makes it easier for you to choose something unique and something that defines your choice and inner self. The choice of colors and design is up to you, your likeness and your feelings.

Where to get tiger tattoos?

Tiger tattoos look great and sexy on the arms, lower back, ankles, shoulders, upper back and also on the chest. However, the choice to print the tattoo and design it is entirely up to you. Tiger arm band tattoos are very popular because they are easy to flaunt and you can get them done easily without much difficulty.

Meaning of tiger tattoos and tattoo designs

Literally speaking, tattoo art ideas are endless because of people’s love for diverse tattoos. From flowers, letters to animals and birds, almost everything finds meaning in tattoo design and art. And this is why tattoo art is the most flexible and profound art form for body art. And hence the tiger tattoos.

In Asia, the tiger is associated with the power of kings and power, which is a similar position to the lion tattoos and designs that are accepted in European countries and the Middle East. Although a symbol of the predator, the tiger has a greater meaning than simply being a predator. For example, in Indian culture, the Tiger is often seen as a savior of good from evil, a destroyer of evil, while the Hindu goddess rides on him to kill the Evil Power and save the world and heaven from the Rakshasa. It is also seen as the power of the god Shiva when he rides the tiger or sits on the tiger skin.

In Korean culture, the tiger is considered the king of all animals, and thus they find greater significance in this culture. Many Korean tattoos and designs are of the tiger shown in different positions. Tiger cubs also find importance with tiger tattoos. Although it is usually seen as a power of force, destruction and violence, yet the tiger can be a symbol of the continuity of life, the law of nature in which it makes a balance of the ecosystem and a part of it.

Its destructive power is seen against evil powers. In Chinese culture, tiger images are used as symbols of charms, as such charms are believed to ward off evil from the home or other places. That is why you find images of stone tigers often used outside the home as protective guards to ward off bad omens and spirits. It is believed that during the reign of the Chou Dynasty, images of tigers were hung in the pregnant lady’s room to protect the unborn child from evil spirits. They are thought of as punishers of sinners on behalf of a supreme being.

It is also believed that the Na-hsi tribe of Tibet were descendants of tigers and that is why Na-hsi tigers are given to new born children as well as those who are newly married. This is the meaning of tigers in tattoo art and culture.

Selectați Tiger Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Among the big cats, the tiger is an enormous and adorable tattoo design because of its strengths like guardian, new spirit, adventure and awakening of power and passion. So browse my inspirational gallery to find a large selection of tiger tattoos and tattoo designs. Get inspired by all the amazing images and designs that are my indigenous work as a tattoo artist. You would definitely love the work and hope that you will be inspired to have one of them drawn on your body. Every art is unique and there is a hidden meaning in all of them. Look carefully and choose the one you love the most.

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