Types of Temporary Tattoos

I know most of you there want to have body tattoos but are afraid to have them because once you do, your body will be permanent.

If you want to get a tattoo but don’t want it to stay long, you can use a temporary tattoo. Today there are tons of temporary tattoos that look real. Nowadays more and more people are using this one because they can easily remove it if they don’t want any more tattoos or if they change their mind for another tattoo design.

Temporary tattoos are beneficial compared to permanent tattoos as there is no commitment involved and you won’t regret then why you made a bad decision to have a permanent body tattoo. To avoid regret in the future but still want to have art somewhere on your body part, use a temporary tattoo.

Currently the temporary tattoo looks just like the original.

Using the most advanced technology in the art industry, you can find one that will actually look as if it’s been on our skin for quite a while.

There are many designs for temporary tattoos and depending on the type, you can actually find the one that looks the least of your type. Although temporary tattoos are quite expensive than permanent tattoos but the important thing is that you can remove them whenever you feel you don’t need them anymore. Let’s talk about the methods used in temporary tattoos.

Henna tattoos: this is a common product that is used to create temporary tattoos.

It can be used even for sensitive skin as the formula is non-irritating. The color is made from henna paste from henna leaves. Henna leaves are made to make a paste and are effective as a dye.

Stick tattoo: to make a temporary tattoo in one minute you can use a tattoo stick. Some call it a tattoo sticker. Often used at children’s parties and children’s art centers because it is easy to use and doesn’t get cluttered. Even if you wear a stick tattoo it is obvious that it is easy to recognize as a temporary tattoo but it makes using it a lot of fun. It’s easy to stick it to your skin, you just need to moisten the back of the sticker and stick it to the skin. This is the reason why they are recommended for children’s art.

Airbrush tattoos: like stick tattoos, this type of temporary tattoo is very easy to use. All you need to do is trace the stencil directly onto the skin. Don’t worry about excess lines; it can be erased like a pencil using an eraser. Easy as that, also recommended for children.

Paint tattoo: tough this is only a temporary tattoo but only a professional tattoo artist can use this one or someone skilled in art. The tattoo is hand-painted directly onto your skin using a tattoo brush. Your hands need to have very good control over the paint so it doesn’t get messy. Once done Free Web Content, this however has a really nice effect that looks like a real and permanent tattoo.

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