White tattoos – A unique touch

Tattoos are something that makes you stand out. However, if you want to go for something that is even more unique than the usual black and gray as well as colorful tattoos, the white tattoo is perfect for you.  They are of two types – one made of plain white ink and the other made of black ink .

Black ink came to be a part of the tattoo materials of the modern tattoo artist very recently – say about three decades ago. Black light tattoo ink is sometimes believed to have a harmful effect on the human body – it is believed to be radioactive. However, whether black light ink is safe or unsafe to use has yet to be conclusively determined.

White tattoo with white ink

White ink white tattoo is simply done with white ink and is easily visible under sunlight. These tattoos can be extremely beautiful in a very delicate way. If you want to go for an all white tattoo, a delicate dove on your inner wrist can look extremely beautiful.

You can achieve a number of styles with white ink tattoos. Now let’s look at white tattoo ink. Some of the white tattoo inks are sold opaque, to be used alone, while others are mixed with colored inks to achieve a different shade.

Many artists especially like to use white tattoos for small areas to highlight a design and give it character. For example, the eye can be highlighted with white ink, or the edges of a red rose can be made to look more realistic when using white ink. These are used as reflection points in tattoos of elements that are meant to be reflective.

Unfortunately, most white tattoos fade after a year or so, especially if exposed to the sun a lot. However, there are a few brands that create great colors that last. Some of the popular manufacturers are ink for mothers and ink Intenze.

Intenze tattoo ink has an excellent opaque quality that lasts excellently for quite a long time. Intenze White Ink is different because it uses a finely ground acrylic polymer. This is something that is used in car and house paints. Although there is some adverse discussion about the effect of this tattoo on the skin, there have not been many complaints about this problem from people who have used Intenze white tattoo ink in their tattoo.

White tattoo with black tattoo ink

There are a number of types of tattoo inks on the market. Blacklight tattoo ink is usually a type of microencapsulated ink where all the molecules are encapsulated in very small, transparent, flexible containers such as a pill with a gel cap. Because the ink is encapsulated, it does not come into contact with the skin.

Although black light tattoo ink is usually thin, it should not be used with other tattoo inks as this will remove the UV property of the ink. Like a white ink tattoo, a tattoo made with black tattoo ink will appear bright pink for a few days (due to the irritation of the ski from the tattoo gun). However, once the tattoo heals, the black light tattoo ink will become invisible and can only be seen under dark light. This type of tattoo can be fun at rave parties and at the same time can be quite personal.

Finally, remember that tattoos are meant to express who you are. So if bold colors and flashy tattoos aren’t your style, white tattoos can be a great idea.

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